Saturday, 17 August 2013

6 delightful jewel pieces you can pick from online jewellery stores

Jewellery is something which no woman can say no to. So, if you are looking to please your wife or girlfriend, then here are 6 delightful jewel pieces you can pick from Online Jewellery Stores USA:

i.              Keepsake Mayfair: It is a keepsake which will bring you and your girl together. It is circular in shape, like a bracelet and has a charming silver hue to it. Priced at $365.44, it makes for a lovely anniversary gift. So if you are looking for a jewellery item which is not very cheap but is still reasonably priced, then this one should be perfect for you.

ii.                  Keepsake 14kt Yellow Gold: This yellow gold 14kt keepsake is another piece of jewellery which can serve as an ode to relationships. It is available in two sizes priced at $169.99 and $230.55. 

iii.                Forever Bride 1/10 Carat: Its price of barely $110.22 does not quite do justice to its elegance. It is one of the most elegant things you can ever hold on your hands. It is definitely a great gift for lovers and is something which you can even buy in multiple quantities. 

iv.               1.80 Carat T.G.WW CZ 10kt: Its design will appeal to you, more than its lush golden color or the graceful build. Give it to any girl and she is going to cook dinner for you for the rest of her life! It is priced at $108.55

v.                   1.42 Carat T.G.W CZ 10kt: If you are looking for a less pricey model of the above item, then you can choose this one. It is equally elegant albeit priced at $78.88.
vi.                Men’s Titanium Band, 7mm: At $55.22, you can buy it for yourself from online jewellery stores. 


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